Hacked Client Medusa for Minecraft 1.14.4

Meduza – has a very nice menu. It is painted in light green color, and there is also a beautiful and smooth animation in it. The functionality of the cheat is almost unlimited, because it is very huge. The most basic and beloved feature is Scaffold. In this cheat, it works perfectly without lags and bugs.

Hacked Client Medusa for Minecraft 1.14.4

In addition, the cheat contains a very convenient PlayerESP. With it, no enemy will go unnoticed. This cheat is perfect for those who already know a lot about cheats and want to try something new.

The GUI menu looks simple, but pretty enough. Such a menu is rarely found anywhere, and they only look similar, and not exactly the same. That is why Medusa is the leader among cheats with menus of this kind.

Download Link: medusa-0.5.0