Flux b3Ayataka for Minecraft 1.14

The new version of the Flux b3Ayataka cheat client for Minecraft 1.14.4 will allow you to return to service again with the best cheat client in the history of Minecraft! Flux has been updated again and now works easily on the new version of the game.

Flux b3Ayataka for Minecraft 1.14

There are many functions here, everything is difficult to list, but you can note such as: cheat for flight, killaura, adminhack, ESP, health regeneration. In general, all the necessary cheats for PvP battles remained the same, but some new functions were added, such as hacking the admin panel and the ability to avoid ban on the server.

Flux is the most popular cheat client that has rightfully maintained this status for many years. This version is free because it is hacked, although in fact the client is paid.

Download: flux-b3ayatka