JANOEO Mod for Minecraft 1.14.4

JANOEO mod on Minecraft 1.14.4 stands for Hell Ore. As the name suggests, JANOEO adds Minecraft new minerals in all 3 dimensions of the game.

JANOEO Mod for Minecraft 1.14.4

What’s interestnig?

In the world, in addition to conventional minerals, such as iron, coal, gold, diamond, etc. Now you can find their “dense” versions of ores. Dense ores are special fashionable minerals. Dense ore, if broken, will give you more minerals than usual.

  • Next up is the Void. Nothing special. In the Void, you can find common minerals such as coal, iron, gold, lapis, red stone, diamond, emerald and quartz. As in the rest of the world, you can find dense ore of these minerals. However, you should notice that the zombie pigments get angry if you destroy the minerals next to them.
  • The last end. As in the void, your minerals will also be at the end. However, the end has no dense ore, and when you destroy minerals there, Enderman also attacks you.
  • In addition, the mod will add to Minecraft several new minerals to the world, such as lead ore, silver ore, uranium ore, etc.

Download Link: janoeo-1_14_4