Mooblooms Mod for Minecraft 1.15.1/1.15

Mooblooms is a mod created based on the Minecraft Earth game, with the addition of colorful and floral cows.

Mooblooms Mod for Minecraft 1.15.1/1.15

From left to right: Dandelion Mublum, Poppy Mublum, Blue Orchid Moobloom, Allium Moobloom, Oxeye Daisy Moobloom, Cornflower Moobloom, Withered Rose Moobloom and Bambmoo.

Dandelion, poppy, blue orchid, onion, chamomile and chamomile and caviar appear in floral forest biomes. Withered roses often appear in the Void. Bambmoos spawn in the biomes of the bamboo jungle.

Download Link: mooblooms-1.1.0