Mod for furniture and appliances in Minecraft 1.16.1

A mod that will allow us to decorate your house, kitchen, bedroom and living room with new and useful elements of coziness and comfort that were so lacking in Minecraft, the mod is available in almost all versions from 1.16.1, so that all players can enjoy the modification possibilities and complete a full-fledged a house with all the items, a technique that we previously lacked in the game, but which we tried to make from other improvised things.

Mod for furniture and appliances in Minecraft 1.16.1

Now more than 40 types of furniture and equipment are available in the game, which are easy to create and will be indispensable for completing the complete picture of a cozy home.

Kitchen and furniture mod for Minecraft 1.19

Do you know how many furniture mods add all pieces of furniture here and there, but never really release all the numbers costing materials? You might buy a couple of new bookshelves or a desk or a car – but you never get a whole library, or a kitchen, or a bathroom. MrCrayfish Furniture Mod is different from all others in that it does something they don’t. Rather than embedding individual pieces of furniture on a seemingly random schedule, this mod gives Minecraft players sets for an entire room. This is an ingenious calculation scheme that most players enjoy as soon as they figure out what’s going on.

Download Link: furniture-7.0.0-pre17-1.16.1