Kr0w Hacked client for Minecraft 1.16.3/1.16.2

This hack client is incredibly cool and is available for work on new versions of Minecraft 1.16.3 and 1.16.2. Just use this hack and enjoy a simple and uncomplicated game. You just need to download the cheat client and start using it without any configuration or other problems.

Kr0w Hacked client for Minecraft 1.16.3/1.16.2

The appearance of the cheat during the game is noticeably different from other clients. On the top left is a large icon with the name of the cheat just below the player sees his skin, the worn armor and the thing that is in his hand. Below, near the chat, there are BPS, FPS, coordinates, etc. At the same altitude, but slightly to the right, you can see the date and time up to seconds. It seems to me that this is a rather unfortunate place for such data, since it closes the chat.

The included features can be viewed at the top right, as with most other cheats. If you try to describe the concept of the appearance of this cheat in one sentence, then I would say that this is a great idea, which still needs a lot of improvements. Text that partially covers the chat and interferes with multiplayer play. And the constantly moving stripes, although they are an interesting idea, are very distracting from the game. You can, of course, disable the HUB, but then its advantages are lost.

In terms of functionality, everything is fine. The cheat has all the functions players need and different types of their settings. Questions arise only for a small, but rather important part of the functions that cannot be accessed without a premium account. How you can get this premium account in the cheat does not say, but perhaps this flaw will soon be fixed.

Download Link: Kr0w-v1.0.0