World Blender Mod for Minecraft 1.16.5/1.16.4/1.15.2

World Blender Mod Minecraft

New unique dimensions will appear in Minecraft after installing this mod. You will be able to visit truly incredible places, striking in their beauty. Plunge into completely new locations that will look much more beautiful than the landscapes you are used to.

World Blender Mod for Minecraft 1.16.5/1.16.4/1.15.2

Sometimes it’s nice to visit new places that add mods to the game. It is rather difficult to describe the new dimensions because they look like unfinished sketches of the artist, but there is something to do for any player. Here, various biomes are intertwined, which add up to one single picture. Initially, it may seem to you that complete chaos is going on here, but in fact, this dimension is extremely unusual and cool.

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In addition, you can stumble across and start exploring new dungeons that also contain treasures. But do not forget about the guards who will always be on the alert and will not let you so easily pick up the treasure. New blocks will appear from which you can create anything for yourself.

World Blender Minecraft Minecraft new dimensions Minecraft dungeons new biomes

Download Links:

1.16.5 – World-Blender-Mod-1.16.5

1.16.4 – World-Blender-Mod-1.16.4

1.15.2 – World-Blender-Mod-1.15.2