Salhack Hacked client for Minecraft 1.12.2

Salhack is an extremely common cheat client that has nothing special, but it works well even on the most popular servers in Minecraft 1.12.2. This cheat has a small minus – crashes that sometimes happen here.

Salhack Hacked client for Minecraft 1.12.2

In principle, you can easily play using this cheat client without taking into account the departure that sometimes spoil the game. The design of the cheat leaves much to be desired, there is nothing outstanding here, but it is not bad, and at least some is available.

As for the functionality of the cheat, there is a small list, but there is a killaura that has been tested in pvp and all flights are most often associated with it and Velocity. Be careful during pvp and don’t click too often then you can avoid crashing. Simple extraction of resources will be a simple process for you, since there is an X-ray here as well as speed hack, fly hack and other possibilities.

Download Link: salhack-github-2.05-release