Advanced Rocketry Mod for Minecraft 1.16.5/1.12.2

Advanced Rocketry Mod will add to the game the ability to create your own rocket for space flight, including Mars and the Moon. Using new technologies, crafting and blocks, you will be able to assemble a rocket from scratch on which you can then fly into space.

Advanced Rocketry Mod for Minecraft 1.16.5/1.12.2

To begin with, you should collect all the resources necessary to create a rocket, then learn the instructions and start assembling the space shuttle using it. The rocket assembly process is quite complicated and will require your attention to detail, because even without a single small part, the shuttle will not be able to take off. Below you can see a video tutorial on how to assemble a rocket.

Advanced Rocketry tutorial:

In fact, the process of searching, collecting resources is extremely difficult and will require a lot of time and effort from the player, but the game only becomes more interesting from this. Agree that it’s nice to play knowing the global goal, and especially when it’s a flight to Mars or any other planet.

The modification will add a large number of new blocks and items to Minecraft, each of which you will definitely need in one way or another in rocketry. After your spaceship is built, you will be able to hit the road to meet the stars. You decide exactly where you will go this time whether it is the Moon, Mars or Jupiter. In any case, an incredible journey awaits you, which will surely leave only the most incredible impressions. The player has never been given so much freedom in their actions. Go ahead to conquer space with the Advanced Rocketry mod!

Download Links:

1.16.5 – Advanced-Rocketry-Mod-1.16.5

1.12.2 – Advanced-Rocketry-Mod-1.12.2

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