Mo’ Shiz Mod for Minecraft 1.16.5

Mo Shiz Mod Minecraft

A mod that adds a little bit of everything to Minecraft. For example, blocks, weapons, seeds, food, armor and bows. But that’s not all, because this mod is aimed at introducing variety in the choice of items.

Mo’ Shiz Mod for Minecraft 1.16.5

If you are lacking items in Minecraft, then this mod is best for you. Because it adds 41 tool sets, 36 armor sets, 36 ladder blocks, 36 wood blocks, 39 new ores, 7 new farm crops, 3 new tree types. However, it doesn’t even end there.

new blocks

Various stones, boulders and other blocks are introduced. In short, everything cannot be counted and all that remains is to install the mod and check for yourself what is there.

This mod is put on the classics as forge.

armor mod mods minecraft 1.16.5 Mo'Shiz Armor

Download Link: Mo-Shiz-Mod-1.16.5