Dynamic Trees Mod for Minecraft 1.16.5

Dynamic Trees Mod

A mod that will radically change vanilla trees in Minecraft. With what? It will add a seed system, tree germination over time, and a natural look. All this will add realism to the game and make it more diverse.

Dynamic Trees Mod for Minecraft 1.16.5 (Changing the natural growth of trees)

Trees in Minecraft are sacred plants. With the help of them, you start your journey in the game, create a wooden pickaxe. It is impossible to start surviving in minecraft without trees.

Trees Mod

This mod will change the trees, making them more realistic. Adds seed and natural germination system. That is, trees with this mod will grow over time, and not in a couple of seconds in front of your eyes.

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And also these plants will look more natural and aesthetically pleasing. In general, many realistic builds and servers use this mod, because it is the best of its kind.


The mod is installed as a regular forge, that is, just place it in the mods folder and run the forge version of Minecraft 1.16.5.

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Download Link: Dynamic-Trees-Mod-1.16.5