OfflineSkins Mod for Minecraft 1.17


A mod that will allow you to install skins offline, as well as on pirate servers. It’s very simple: just upload the skin to a folder and it works for you. No complicated steps.

OfflineSkins Mod for Minecraft 1.17

If you were looking for a way to install a skin offline, in a single player game or on a pirated version of minecraft, then this mod will help you. All you need to do is place the skin unfolded in the specified folder. And you can also specify which nicknames the skin will be attached to. This means that you can put skins on your friends the same way. This is very useful for letsplay.

Minecraft skins

Probably you will need this mod if you play on a pirated version of the game but still want to have a beautiful appearance of your character that will clearly distinguish you from the crowd of ordinary players. Give yourself a little style and stand out from the crowd!


This mod is fabric, which is why you need to follow these instructions when installing.

HD skin

Download Link: mod-9