Blockus Mod for Minecraft 1.17/1.16.5 (More Blocks)

Blockus Mod Minecraft

A new mod that diversifies the blocks in Minecraft. He will add not only new colors to the existing blocks, but also introduce his own. It will also add doors, hatches, old remote blocks.

Blockus Mod for Minecraft 1.17/1.16.5 (More Blocks)

There are definitely not enough blocks for builders in Minecraft. Many people have to try to do something with existing ones, but often buildings come out abstract. This is why many builders use mods that will saturate the game with blocks. This mod is one of those that will come in handy in creativity.

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If you are a fan of building anything in the game, then for sure you can appreciate this modification. New hatch doors and more will appear in the game and give you the ability to roll up your sleeves. Unleash yourself and your imagination with new blocks.

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Download Links:

1.17 – 1-3

1.16.5 – 2-3