Dynamic FPS Mod for Minecraft 1.17/1.16.5 (FPS Boost)

Dynamic FPS Minecraft Mod

Mod that will improve FPS in Minecraft by optimizing rendering. This will free up some resources, not overload the PC, and reduce the load in the background.

Dynamic FPS Mod for Minecraft 1.17/1.16.5 (FPS Boost)

This mod optimizes the rendering of chunks and creatures. It does this by reducing the refresh rate in a stationary state. It can also help reduce the consumption of computer resources in the background mode.

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It is worth considering that this mod can be installed and played on vanilla servers, because the changes will occur only for you. Optimize your game and allow yourself to enjoy your game without lags. Agree that it is unpleasant when the game constantly freezes and does not allow you to play calmly, but with the Dynamic FPS mod, the game will become smooth and the FPS will be stable.

This mod is fabric, which is why you need to follow these instructions when installing.

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Download Links:

1.17 – 1-5

1.16.5 – 2-5

Increasing FPS in Minecraft [For all versions]