Minecraft Mod for Abilities 1.12.2 (Improvable Skills)

Improvable Skills 1.12.2

Get a great opportunity to use abilities in Minecraft 1.12.2. To do this, a book of skills will appear in the game, which will help you pump them at any time.

Minecraft Mod for Abilities 1.12.2 (Improvable Skills)

Apply really cool skills that will allow you, for example, to deal more damage in battle, smelt ore faster, or run faster. Now you can upgrade your skills like in an RPG game.

minecraft skills

Your skill level will determine how well you do this or that. Fishing will be much faster at a high level of pumping, which will allow you to fish faster.

And so with each skill, no matter what you do, you will improve your capabilities in your business. To track the pumping of abilities, just open the book and find out what level you have now.


Book of Skills xp 100 lvl Improvable Skills Minecraft

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