Inventory HUD+ Mod Minecraft 1.17.1/1.17

A popular mod that changes the interface in the game is Inventory HUD +. With this mod, you can change the appearance of the interface.

Inventory HUD+ Mod Minecraft 1.17.1/1.17 (Custom HUD)%%excerpt%%

Modification will help you breathe new life into the game, change its appearance and make it more convenient for yourself in the first place. The player is given a unique opportunity to decide where information about the state of armor, health and hunger will be displayed.

With the help of a small menu, it will be possible to change the position of the interface elements, thereby adjusting it for yourself. Each player will be able to make their interface unique and beautiful.

Enjoy the game with a user-friendly interface that will show you how many blocks and items you have in your inventory, as well as your health and hunger status.

Download Links:

1.17.1 – Inventory-HUD-Mod-Fabric-1.17.1

1.17 – Inventory-HUD-Mod-Fabric-1.17