Simple Nuclear Mod Minecraft 1.15.2

Explode the incredible power of nuclear bombs in Minecraft using a modification called Simple Nuclear. You will have the opportunity to get really weapons of mass destruction.

Simple Nuclear Mod Minecraft 1.15.2 (Nuclear bomb)

You will need very few resources to create a nuclear bomb. To begin with, you will have to get into the mine and get new ore there, which you then have to melt in a furnace and create a nuclear warhead from it.

A nuclear bomb has a fairly large damage and explosion scale, so when it detonates, you should run extremely fast and far. Do not try to stand next to the bomb, as you will simply be split into small atoms!

The bomb looks formidable and has amazing damage. All living things within a radius of several hundred blocks will be destroyed and the blocks will disappear.

Download Link: Simple-Nuclear-Mod-1.15.2