Airplane Mod Minecraft 1.12.2

airplane mod Minecraft

A unique mod for planes for your Minecraft, which will add a lot of new air transport to the game. Use planes to fly long distances and explore your world.

Airplane Mod Minecraft 1.12.2

No one can argue that walking in the game is extremely inconvenient and takes quite a long time. This becomes especially a problem when you need to get to a distant point on your map. Now the problem is solved by new planes that you can use for flights.


Each new vehicle is worked out to the smallest detail and has many devices that will help you monitor its condition. It looks pretty realistic and you really have to develop your piloting skill before flying.

Well, the game will now become much easier and more interesting. After all, it is always interesting to learn something new in a fairly familiar game. This modification diversifies the gameplay making it more unique.


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Download Link: minecrafttransportsimulator-1.12.2-8.0.1