Modern Lights Mod Minecraft 1.12.2

Modern Lights Mod

An amazing mod for lamps in Minecraft will allow you to light up your home with new, beautiful lanterns and lamps. Now your home will be incredibly vibrant and unique.

Modern Lights Mod Minecraft 1.12.2

This modification adds many lamps of various shapes and sizes, you yourself can choose which ones you want to use. Each lamp has its own lighting power, so choose wisely.

Minecraft light mod

Forget the outdated torches everyone is so used to. The time has come for modern LED lighting, which shines many times better and has pleasant shades for your eyes.

Install the lamps and start using them, it’s easy and convenient. In addition, all lamps look incredibly modern, as if in real life.


Lights Minecraft Modern Lights

Download Link: ModernLights_1.0.3_1.12