Futurustic Robotics Mod Minecraft 1.12.2

Futurustic Robotics Minecraft 1.12.2

Just an incredible robot mod for Minecraft that will allow you to contemplate completely new mobs in your world robots. Cyborgs and robots will appear in your world and delight you with their presence.

Futurustic Robotics Mod Minecraft 1.12.2

Brand new mobs will appear in the game and you can decide for yourself what to do with them. You can try to give battle to robots and get quite useful loot that will help you during the game. Or there is an option to make friends with robots and get yourself good helpers.

Futurustic Robotics Mod

In any case, only you can decide how to handle new robots in your world. Many people want to know what the cybernetic version of mobs would look like, and now you can see this by installing the Futurustic Robotics mod.

Cyber ​​creepers, cyber villagers and even cyber chicken will appear in the game and will be able to pleasantly surprise you with their non-standard appearance.


Minecraft robot mod 1.12.2 robots Minecraft 1.12.2 cyber chicken

Download Link: Futuristic_Robotics_Mod_1.12.2