Pokemetels Marvel Mod Minecraft PE 1.17/1.16

Pokemetels Marvel Minecraft PE

Pokemetels Marvel adds a large number of costumes and items from the Marvel universe to Minecraft Pocket Edition. Now you can become a superhero and feel like a real hero.

Pokemetels Marvel Mod Minecraft PE 1.17/1.16

This mod will help you get a large number of thematic items that can be used for your own purposes. To get your hands on a costume, you first have to craft it. To create a superhero costume, you will need new workbenches that this addon adds to the game.

Pokemetels Marvel

After installing the workbench, you can start crafting costumes. Each suit will have its own unique strength and ability that you can use in battles. The player is given a unique opportunity to feel incredibly strong.

From now on, putting on the costume of one of the heroes, be it Iron Man or the Hulk, you can get their superpowers. Your game will now become much more interesting because you can challenge even the most powerful opponents, be it an ordinary mob or a boss.


Pokemetels Marvel MCPE Minecraft PE 1.17 Pokemetels Marvel Pokemetels Marvel Mod Minecraft Pocket Edition Pokemetels Marvel

Download Link: marvel-6_0