Actual Guns 3D Mod Minecraft PE 1.17+

Actual Guns 3D Mod Minecraft PE

With the help of a mod called Actual Guns 3D, you can get completely new types of modern weapons for war in your Minecraft. This is a really cool addon for a new weapon for the game.

Actual Guns 3D Mod Minecraft PE 1.17+

If you want to experience modern weapons in the game, then you should definitely pay attention to this addon. All weapons will have incredibly detailed 3D models that will allow the player to enjoy realistic weapons.

3D weapons MCPE

Carrying a stock of modern weapons with you is a good solution for absolutely any player. Indeed, in the cruel world of Minecraft, you will definitely need a powerful weapon for ranged combat. With the help of rifles, pistols, machine guns, grenades and other weapons, you can challenge even the most powerful enemy.

As a result, we have a fairly advanced mod that allows you to use no less advanced weapons. In summary, I would like to say that this mod is definitely worth your attention because it is quite well designed and has incredibly cool firearms for your game.


Minecraft PE new weapons Sniper Rifle Mod Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.17 mod

Download Link: actualguns_3d

Mod for firearms (machine guns, rifles, pistols) Minecraft 1.12.2