Enable the use of cheats in an already created map

Enable the use of cheats in an already created map

Probably many have come across the fact that some map creators or we ourselves prohibit the use of cheats when creating a world in the game. But there are times when we need to enable cheats to enter a command, enable creativity, fly, issue blocks, and so on ..

Enable the use of cheats in an already created map

Now I will present several possible ways to solve this problem, one of which should definitely help you!

(a checkbox when creating a world that allows / denies the use of commands)

The crux of the problem:

It is impossible to execute commands for changing the game mode, giving out items, etc.

you do not have premission

Solutions to the problem:

There are several options to solve this problem:

We can open the world to the web, thereby allowing ourselves to execute many commands. This option is the easiest, and if you need to do it urgently, you can safely follow this step! The disadvantage of this method is that not all versions of the game will be able to open the world for the network, then you will have to load the world in the new version of minecraft.

Edit world files. This method requires a special program called NBTExplorer. It will allow us to change the files of the world. This step will take you more time, unlike the first, but it will provide you with a ready-made world, with included cheats, which you can use wherever you want.

The third option is to install the mod in the game client, which is the most difficult option, and possibly impossible if you have never installed mods in minecraft and hardly understand what it is. But still it takes place, and it is called JEI or TMI. These mods work almost the same way, but they do not give you a full range of commands, but they have a user-friendly interface.

1. Opening the world to the web

We go to the pause menu (with the ESC button) and Press the button “open for the network”

Click on the button for using cheats (so that it is On, not Off), Apply.

The chat shows information that the local server has been successfully launched. Trying to switch the mode, great! Problem solved!

2. Editing the world

Let’s close Minecraft in order to free the world and prevent overwriting in the process of manipulating it. Download NBTExplorer to work with internal world files. Download here: NBTExplorer-2.8.0

Unpack / install the program to any convenient folder, you can even on the desktop, then quickly uninstall, then finally launch the program (NBTExplorer.exe).

Click on the second (left) icon, “Open Folder”, and then select the map with our saved worlds, that is, the “saves” folder, which is located in the game folder.

Further, after successfully selecting the folder with the maps, we see a list of loaded worlds and determine the world we need. I have three of them, and I have already found the necessary world (it is the last on the list).

The next step is to open the directories as shown in the screenshot and delve deeper into the hierarchy. Follow to Our world> level.dat> Data and stop at the point allowCommands, with a value of 0 (now highlighted).

Click on the parameter with the left button twice, in the field that opens, enter “1” instead of “0”, click Ok.

We see that the parameter has changed, so we save our changes. Click the floppy disk (third item from the left) or the Ctrl + S buttons.

We turn on the game and go to the desired world. Trying to enter the command. The method is working, the result suits us!

3. Setting the modification to switch the mode

use cheats in Minecraft

To control the game mode, weather, time, interaction with objects and the like, I recommend using the following modifications: JEI, TMI, NEI. They are all similar in functionality and appearance, so you can choose something from them.