Insta Farm Addon V4.0 Minecraft PE/BE 1.16.200+

Insta Farm Addon MCPE 1.16.200

Insta Farm Addon allows you to create huge farms for mining anything with just one block. Create a farm in one click in MCPE or Bedrok Edition.

Insta Farm Addon V4.0 Minecraft PE/BE 1.16.200+

This is the 4th version of the mod, which has been improved and has a number of innovations, including completely new farms. From now on, you can forget about the manual extraction of resources or food, since you will have the opportunity to create simply incredible farms that will do everything for you.

This is a really amazing addon that is especially relevant for players who are just starting their game path in Minecraft PE and do not know how to create farms for farming in the game.

Insta Farm

More than 20 farms will appear in Minecraft, each of which will be able to extract its own unique resources, ores or items. In general, this package is perfect for those who want to instantly get rich in the game and become just cool.

To create a farm, you only need one block that you need to place in the right place and then activate. And now a farm appears right in front of you. A farm of wheat, gold, pumpkins, diamonds, obsidian, bamboo, wood, seeds, stone, bones, wool, cows and many others will now be available to build and farm the items you need.


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Download Link: insta-farm-v4_0