Naruto Jedy V3.7 – Hyuuga Update (Part I) MCPE

Naruto Jedy V3.7 - Hyuuga Update (Part I)

Addon Naruto Jedy V3.7 adds to Minecraft PE a large amount of content related to the Naruto anime, which has gained great popularity. Use the power of Hokage, Rasengan, Mangekyo, Rinnegan, Susanoos and others to kill your enemies.

Naruto Jedy V3.7 – Hyuuga Update (Part I) MCPE

This addon greatly changes the gameplay so it is perfect for fans of the Naruto universe. A huge number of new items will be added including weapons, armor and many blocks. From now on, your game will be completely different and will change to immerse you in the world of your favorite anime.

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In addition, there will be new skins that will also help you quickly get used to the role of one of the characters in the legendary anime Naruto. Minecraft Pocket Edition has never been so bright and interesting because you will find many options for studying magic and much more.

Also, new monsters and bosses will appear in the world to which you can challenge and measure your strength with them. All new mobs were taken from the original anime. You will also receive unique costumes and scrolls that will help you learn new spells to destroy your opponents in any battle. The player expects a huge amount of content to study which can take him whole days because there will be really a lot of added. You yourself can transform into a real monster that will destroy all living things in its path, but the main thing is to stay on the side of good (although the decision is yours).


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Download Link: narutojedy3_7b