Toolbox v5.4.26 Minecraft PE 1.16 – 1.17

Toolbox v5.4.26 Minecraft PE 1.17

Toolbox addon is an analogue of TooManyItems for Minecraft Pocket Edition. Thanks to this package, you can make your game easier. Use the updated interface to search for the blocks you want, switch game modes, find crafts and much more.

Toolbox v5.4.26 Minecraft PE 1.16 – 1.17

In fact, ToolBox greatly facilitates the gameplay by helping players understand what to do in the game world. Perhaps one of the most important innovations will be the ability to view crafting items, it is really convenient and always useful at hand.

Toolbox v5.4.26

This addon has gained great popularity among players because it makes the gameplay much clearer and more interesting for any player. The last update added support for versions such as: You can download this mod for other versions of Minecraft PE.

You will have a large number of tools that you can surely find use in both survival mode and creative mode. Of course, this addon should be recognized as one of the most necessary for installation on Minecraft Pocket Edition, so start using it as soon as possible.


Toolbox v5.4.26 Minecraft PE Toolbox addon Toolbox v5.4.26 for Minecraft PE Toolbox Minecraft Pocket Edition

Download Links:

Toolbox v5.4.26 (

Toolbox v5.4.20 (1.17.0)

toolbox_5.4.15 (

Toolbox v5.4.24 (1.17.40/1.17.30)