Tektopia Mod 1.12.2

Tektopia Mod

Thanks to the mod called Tektopia for Minecraft 1.12.2, your villagers will be able to find professions and do something in the village. From now on, life in villages will become much more advanced and the development of a settlement will depend on each villager.

Tektopia Mod 1.12.2

Some residents will be able to hunt in order to bring food to their home and store it there. Others will cook products from ready-made products and thereby feed the entire village. There are other professions that will help revitalize absolutely any village and make it just alive.

tektopia 1.12.2

Surely, when you came to each of the villages, you wondered why the inhabitants did nothing but just wander around. And this is actually a big problem as it creates a feeling of emptiness and incompleteness of the game. But this mod radically changes everything for the better and allows you to literally enjoy the work processes of local residents.

You will have a good opportunity to give professions to the villagers and watch them work hard for the good of their village.


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Download Link: mod-8