Thaumcraft Mod [ 1.12.2 ] [ 1.16.5 ] [ 1.17 ]


Thaumcraft mod that allows you to use magic around you right in Minecraft. It adds a bunch of magical secret blocks and items.

Thaumcraft Mod [ 1.12.2 ] [ 1.16.5 ] [ 1.17 ]

This mod adds magic to Minecraft, with which you can create amazing things. This mod adds a lot of magic blocks and items. There is a book in the game that will allow you to learn some magic. However, it does not cover everything, and you do more than others. Create wonderful things with just one mod.


Surely, over time, everyone gets bored with the usual game and wants to add something new to their world to make it much more diverse. An excellent option for you would be the Thaumcraft mod, which opens up a large number of magical abilities in front of you.

Try to become a real magician in Minecraft by learning new spells, crafting and creating magic blocks. In general, now you will have a huge number of activities and the gameplay will be much more interesting and varied. With this modification, everyone will find something to do in their own world.


Thaumcraft 1.12.2 Thaumcraft 1.17.1 Thaumcraft 1.16.5

Download Link: mod-20