DecoCraft 2 Mod Minecraft 1.12.2

DecoCraft 2 Mod Minecraft 1.12.2

A large and popular mod for decorations in Minecraft. Detailed models that are useful for the house, rooms in it, for the street and much more.

DecoCraft 2 Mod Minecraft 1.12.2

There are very few things and decorations in Minecraft, the game costs the very minimum of blocks and does not give a lot of variety to the players. Many builders make decorations from scrap materials, and it often looks abstract. This mod will fix this situation by adding many new items for decoration and construction.

DecoCraft 1.12.2

In this fashion, there are decorations for any style and setting. Whether it’s a warehouse, a pirate ship, or a modern home with appliances. This mod will satisfy all the needs of the builder who can do interior design.

Furniture, appliances, kitchen utensils … what is not in this fashion, and you can endlessly list. It would be much better to download and see for yourself the number of new furniture blocks that will be added to your Minecraft 1.12.2. Decorate your home or plot with new decorations.


Minecraft decorations Decor Minecraft 1.12.2 mod

Download Link: mod-3