Forestry mod 1.12.2 (new trees and blocks)

Forestry mod 1.12.2

Forestry mod that adds new trees, blocks, dozens of new mobs, items and much more to the game world. This is an extremely ambitious mod that will require an in-depth study from the player.

Forestry mod 1.12.2 (new trees and blocks)

Certainly Forestry is one of the best mods for our favorite game, and definitely worth using. But let’s figure out what’s so interesting about it. First of all, this is a large amount of new content that diversifies the gameplay and the game itself.

Forestry Minecraft

Now you can use backpacks to help you carry any items on your shoulders. In addition, new types of trees will be added, which will also allow you to create new types of wood blocks and buildings from them. Sap, bees, some farming items and more will be added.

From now on, farming in Minecraft will be one pleasure, because many discoveries await you. Your world will literally sparkle with new colors because so many interesting and unusual things will appear in it!


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Download Link: forestry_1.12.2_5.8.2.414