Herobrine Mod 1.16.5

Herobrine Mod Minecraft 1.12.2

Perhaps the best mod for the legendary herobrine that has ever existed. Because he adds varieties of these creatures and many new things.

Herobrine Mod 1.16.5

This is a fairy tale, invented far in the past, even on the Alpha version. A legendary creature that roams your world somewhere. Who is he? Nobody knows. Is this a bug? Legends and a lot of video fakes that allegedly filmed HIM.

Herobrine Minecraft

Well, until you met HIM in a regular vanilla Minecraft, you can try playing with this modification.

This mod adds Herobrin to Minecraft. And not even one, but several varieties: tracking, killing, miners and magicians. They all have their own characteristics, but the most terrible killers – it’s clear why.

Also, this mod will add to the game a twilight forest, infected animals, as well as a suspicious house, which will be generated randomly. You can summon Herobrin and try your luck, or just play, constantly noticing someone’s silhouettes …


Herobrine Herobrine Mod 1.16.5

Download Link: mod-2