Improved Backpacks Mod 1.16.5 – 1.12.2

Improved Backpacks Mod Minecraft

The Improved Backpacks mod allows you to use backpacks in Minecraft. The new backpacks will look incredibly cool and by the way, they have a 3D model.

Improved Backpacks Mod 1.16.5 – 1.12.2

Using backpacks, you can greatly facilitate your life, because with their help it will be possible to carry a large number of objects and blocks always with you. This will greatly facilitate your game, besides, the backpack can be placed on the floor and used as a chest.

Improved Backpacks 1.16.5

If you wish, you can also change the appearance of your backpack by changing its color or rename it to the name you need (for example, an ore chest, and so on). Over time, you can upgrade your backpacks by getting a much more spacious option for storing your items in Minecraft.

Backpacks Mod for Minecraft 1.19

To increase the storage capacity, it makes sense to put one backpack in another, and this way we get a huge number of storage cells. In general, this is an extremely useful mod that can really solve the problem of storing things in Minecraft.


Improved Backpacks 1.12.2 Backpack mod Improved Backpacks Minecraft More Backpacks

Download Links:

1.16.5 – Improved-Backpacks-Mod-1.16.5

1.12.2 – Improved-Backpacks-Mod-1.12.2