Siren Head Mod 1.16.5

Siren Head Minecraft 1.16.5 Mod

Mod for the legendary Siren Head from horror. It will also add several other scary monsters from the movies that scare players.

Siren Head Mod 1.16.5

You saw him in scary cuts, strange short films … hundreds of videos have been shot about him on YouTube, and he is even in your worst dreams. It’s time to move to the next level, test yourself, overcome your fear.

Siren Head 1.16.5

This mod will add Siren Head to Minecraft. He will come, hunt you and the inhabitants. We can say that this is a new boss for Minecraft, which will not be so easy to pass. I advise you to stock up on good weapons and potions as this is an extremely dangerous enemy that can kill you even if you are wearing diamond armor.

By the way, along with this boss, several new creepy monsters from the movies will be added. Of course, in the creative mode, you can feel completely safe because new monsters will not be able to harm you and you will be able to better examine them. All of this together can scare you. Are you sure you are ready to face scary monsters?


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Download Link: mod-4

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