Increasing FPS in Minecraft [For all versions]

Increase FPS in Minecraft

In this article, we will analyze the ways to increase FPS in Minecraft. Minecraft is really not an optimized game that has a lot of bugs and lags. Therefore, despite the fact that this is a pixel game, not many can play it comfortably.

Increasing FPS in Minecraft [For all versions]

Level for beginners

A good place to start would be to install Optifine or Optifabric (if playing with Fabric mods). These two modifications fix the developers’ mistakes that really interfere with the gameplay. By installing, for example, Optifine, you will feel a FPS boost of 10-20 frames, which is quite nice. However, for such results, you will have to dig a lot in the graphics settings, of which there are quite a few in this mod. But the result is worth it.

Try to install lighter texture packs, for example 8bit ones. Yes, the graphics will change a lot, but your computer also needs less power to load the blocks. By the way, many PVP masters specifically choose texture packs that load the computer less and allow you to highlight the main items.

Increasing FPS Minecraft 1.12.2

This method can add up to 5 fps, depending on which texture you choose. But if you do not need frames for pvp, then we recommend that you skip this step.

* Also, I will tell you a secret. If your Internet is stable and good, then the servers should lag less, since the server takes part of the load on itself. Therefore, if you only have lag in a single player game, you can only play on servers.

However, it is foolish to consider something related to graphics only within the game. If your computer is not displaying a normal frame rate, there are a couple of ways to improve its performance.

Average level

If texture packs and optfine did not help you, go to the computer itself. Open Task Manager (Start> Task Manager) and try killing unnecessary processes. Many programs can leave background processes even after closing, such as CromeService. If a process has the name of a program that you installed on your own or that does not exist with a clean build of Windows, then feel free to forcibly terminate the process.
I also recommend that you finally go to the control panel, applications and uninstall unnecessary programs.

You can also simplify the graphics of Windows itself. You can find ways to do this on the Internet using the keywords “simplify windows graphics”.

In your launcher, for example, if it’s Tlauncher, try going into the settings and adding more RAM to the game.

Advanced level

Well, if you want to continue, then sign a paper that only you are responsible for further actions. Since they can lead to interruptions in the operation of the computer.

I suggest you finally clean your computer from dust, if it’s a block, then you can do it yourself. Open the lid, gently trying not to hit anything while vacuuming it. If there is really a lot of dust in there, this will help. But if the dust settles on the boards, then you have to watch a couple of videos about disassembling computers and cleaning them. You can do all this with a Phillips screwdriver, a vacuum cleaner and a soft unnecessary toothbrush.

Usually, this method really helps those who do not follow their technique. Routine cleaning of your computer can speed it up several times.

How to FPS boost in Minecraft

But if this is not enough for you, that is, overclocking your computer. This is a pretty big step, and you have to read a lot of information to get started. However, it can boost even 40 fps. Moreover, it is prohibited to do this on laptops.

At the end

In conclusion, I would like to list all the methods known to me, the author, about which I have written.

  • Installing Optifine or Optifabric and their detailed configuration
  • Installing light texture packs
  • Cleaning computers from junk processors
  • Simplifying Windows graphics
  • Cleaning your computer from dust and dirt
  • Computer overclocking

If these methods still do not provide you with a comfortable game and FPS prevents you from playing with pleasure, then maybe you should think about buying a new video card or a device in general? Look in the task manager if the processor and memory are loaded when Minecraft is running at 100%, if so, then most likely you will have to improve your computer or buy a new one. If not, then there may be a problem with the Video card, its drivers. For example, many laptops only have built-in graphics, which are not intended for gaming, so you can’t do anything on such devices if the methods above did not help. Or you can try Dynamic FPS Mod for Minecraft 1.17/1.16.5 (FPS Boost).