Dynamic Lights Mod 1.17 – 1.16.5

Dynamic Lights Mod 1.17

Dynamic Lights Mod which will add a drop of realism to Minecraft with the help of good and logical lighting. You will get new shadows and reflections that will affect most of the blocks and objects.

Dynamic Lights Mod

Minecraft has a lot of problems with graphics, and I’m not talking about pixels and cubes right now – this is the game’s trick. There are a lot of problems in those places that are not a feature of the game and that could be improved. For example, commonplace lighting and light.

Dynamic Lights mod

For some reason, vanilla minecraft still lacks good and beautiful lighting from torches and burning bodies. But for that, with each release, some blocks are added and biomes are updated. Problems that drag on for many years remain problems. This mod will fix the lighting in Minecraft. Now objects that logically emit light do it beautifully. But most importantly, torches in hand will allow you to illuminate your path.

The lighting will become smoother and more beautiful without the need for a powerful computer or shaders. This requires this mod, which weighs only 35KB.


Lights in Minecraft Dynamic Light Minecraft 1.17 Dynamic Lights Minecraft

Download Links:

1.17 – 1.17-3

1.16.5 – 1.16.5-2