Genshin Impact Mods 1.16.5

Genshin mod 1.16.5

Two small mods for Genshin Impact for Minecraft. One of them is for a companion, the second for a weapon. These themed mods will add some content from the original game.

Genshin Impact Mod Minecraft

In this article we will consider mods for Minecraft on Genshin Impact. Unfortunately, there are not so many of them, especially of high quality. But still, if you want to transfer at least a drop from the Anime game to another good square game, then we present you a mod assembly based on Genshin Impact! These modifications will help you get a bit of the original atmosphere and make your game world a little better.

Genshin Impact Mod Minecraft 1.16.5

This mod will add a cute pixel companion to the game – Paimon. She can be summoned using a special item that is given to the player automatically. She will follow you everywhere. Basically, it’s a pretty sweet addition. Of the minuses – it still cannot be eaten.

Genshin is full of unique and beautiful weapons. Imports of these models have already appeared in many games as add-ons from players. And in Minecraft there are some swords that can serve as a good and reliable weapon.


Paimon Genshin Impact Genshin Impact 1.16.5 Paimon

Download Links:

Weapons – deathmatch-genshin-impact-weapons-mod-1_16_5

Companion – paimon-1.16.5