Small Ships Mod 1.16.5

Small Ships Mod 1.16.5

This is a small mod that will add real ships to Minecraft 1.16.5, ideally suited in texture and models to the game’s lore.

Minecraft ships mod

In Minecraft, especially after update 1.8, there are a lot of water spaces. The oceans and seas are great obstacles to movement and travel. And this requires transport. The boats that the developers offer us, let’s say not so much. That is why there are many ship mods.

ships for Minecraft

This mod invites you to try sailing small ships that are ideal for minecraft textures. Traveling on these is much faster and allows you to transport more people and things. Therefore, this is a pretty useful mod for the game.

If you often travel on water, then you will definitely need this mod because it greatly facilitates your movement on water. Enjoy the game with really cool ships that will open up new frontiers of travel in Minecraft for you. Your gameplay will really receive changes and will become much more interesting, and you can see for yourself.


Ships mod 1.16.5 small Ships mod

Download Link: mod-12