Performant Mod 1.16.5 (Increase FPS)

Performant Mod Minecraft 1.16.5

Peformant is a unique mod that optimizes the game and allows you to increase the FPS in the game. This modification is definitely recommended to all players who want to increase the FPS in Minecraft.

Performant Mod 1.16.5 (Increase FPS)

If you have a weak PC or maybe a laptop that does not pull Minecraft and the game constantly lags. In any case, you should definitely pay attention to this mod, which will help to significantly increase the fps. Sometimes the indicators can double, which of course is great. The game will be much more pleasant for any player when the lags disappear.

performant mod 1.16.5

Surely many players who play on weak PCs are tired of the problem of low FPS. From now on, you can forget about annoying problems with game lags. Increase the number of frames per second to comfortably play without any problems. Enjoy the game without any lags that will interfere with playing even in single player or multiplayer.

performant mod

Download Link: performant-mod-1_16_5

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