Meteor Hacked Client Minecraft 1.17.1 / 1.18.1

Meteor hacked client 1.18.1

Popular in narrow circles, the Meteor hacked client, which allows you to use the coolest cheat functions. Use cheats for pvp, cool crystall aura and many other features.

Meteor Hacked Client Minecraft 1.17.1 / 1.18.1

From now on, absolutely any server can be hacked in just one click, also use the admin hack, which is extremely popular among players. The appearance of this client is quite beautiful, because it is user-friendly and extremely informative.

meteor client

In addition, the functionality here is extremely large (more than 30 full-fledged cheats). Otherwise, this is a highly regarded hack that can be easily used to play on a server without the possibility of getting banned on your account.

Definitely one of the most popular and well-known hacked clients that really work and help every player become the best. Forget about donations and other investments in the game. Now, with the help of cheats, you can even become a server admin. This client allows you to make incredible adventures in Minecraft new versions.

how to install meteor client Minecraft 1.17.1 hack


Unpack the resulting archive into the versions folder. Forge is required to work.

Download Link:


Meteor Hacked Client Minecraft 1.18