First-person Model Mod 1.18.2 – 1.17.1

First-person Model Mod

The First-person Model Mod makes the first-person view much more realistic. Enjoy the game with a truly realistic look. You will be able to see the torso of your character, which of course makes the game more realistic.

First-person Model Mod 1.18.2 – 1.17.1

Get the chance to immerse yourself in the game in an incredible way. From now on, realism in Minecraft will be really at an extremely high level. You will get new attack and action animations including attacking with a sword and using a tool.

First-person Model Mod Minecraft

The first person view really has a big impact on every player. From now on, your gameplay will become much more realistic and you will be able to understand it very quickly. In general, the modification will be useful for every player who wants to survive in the game and do it realistically.

First-person Model Mod 1.18.2 First-person Model 1.17.1

Download Links:

1.18.2 – First-person-Model-Mod-1.18.2

1.17.1 – First-person-Model-Mod-1.17.1

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