Mod for modern weapons for Minecraft 1.19

Mod for modern weapons for Minecraft 1.19

A unique mod for modern weapons that will allow you to use machine guns, pistols, grenade launchers and many other weapons in the game world. This is a universal modification that will appeal to all lovers of big guns.

Mod for modern weapons for Minecraft 1.19

Agree that using a bow as a ranged weapon is rather inconvenient. The bow shoots extremely slowly, and also has relatively little damage. But with the help of the Guns Without Roses mod, you will get the opportunity to shoot from the most modern weapons, be it a simple pistol or an assault rifle.

Guns without Roses Mod

Many weapons are quite easy to use and each player will be able to choose the right weapon for themselves. The modification expands your capabilities and takes ranged combat to a whole new level in Minecraft. From now on, you will be able to shoot enemies from an extremely long distance, causing them maximum damage. The mod turned out to be extremely exciting and will certainly be useful to almost every player who wants to make their game more modern.


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Download Link: Guns-Without-Roses-Mod-Forge-1.19

Mod for firearms (machine guns, rifles, pistols) Minecraft 1.12.2