Nextbot memes pack Mod for Minecraft

Obunga nextbot mod

Recently, nextbots have become incredibly popular in Minecraft. This mod will add a whole pack of memes that will try to catch up with you and kill you. All new mobs are extremely dangerous and you should definitely try to escape from them.

Nextbot memes pack Mod for Minecraft

Immediately after spawning, aggressive nextbots will attack you, dealing maximum damage. At the same time, each bot has its own unique appearance and voice acting, which must be recognized as very scary. In any case, these monsters are incredibly dangerous for every player.

obunga nextbot Minecraft

Popular bots called Obunga, Sanik, Kwandale Dingle, Smiley, Trollface, Nerd and some others will be added. In general, the modification will appeal to everyone who loves horror mods for Minecraft.

A total of 13 monsters will be available for spawning. All bots have artificial intelligence and are able to find the player on the entire map. This way you will face really smart enemies who are able to find you everywhere. This mod is really fun especially when playing with friends. Many players highly appreciated and put a high rating on this mod.


Minecraft sanic mod Minecraft hi my name is nextbot

Download Link: Google.Drive