Lucky Block Mod for Minecraft 1.19.2

Lucky Block Minecraft 1.19.2

The popular Lucky Block Mod has received an update and now it can be installed on Minecraft version 1.19.2. Basically, it only adds one block to the game, but this block can bring a lot of fun and variety to your playthrough. All you have to do is create and place this block.

Lucky Block Mod for Minecraft 1.19.2

Next, Lucky Block must be activated with a button or lever. After that, you just need to look at your luck, because there are incredibly many options for the development of events. Maybe as a story and valuable resources will drop out for you, something negative may happen, for example, after activating the block, a hostile mob will spawn and kill you.

Also, the block can build various structures, create traps, throw various game effects on the player, and much more. You can also test your luck in survival mode. To craft a lucky block, you will need one ejector and 8 gold ingots. You can also create a block with an increased chance of luck, it is more likely to get something useful. There is an option to create a block with less luck.

Lucky Block Mod has a large number of different combinations, in the latest versions it has become possible to use also a sword or bow of luck, which have unique effects.


Lucky Block Mod Minecraft 1.19.2 LuckyBlock 1.19.2 Minecraft lucky Block mod

Download Link: lucky-block-forge-1.19.1-13.0

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