Millenaire Mod (more villages) for Minecraft 1.19.2

Millenaire Mod for Minecraft 1.19.2

Millenaire is a very large-scale and voluminous mod that adds 4 types of new villages to the game. This mod makes Minecraft much more diverse. The player will no longer have to settle for boring vanilla villages. Traveling around the world it will be possible to find unique villages, with new new buildings and unique residents.

Millenaire Mod (more villages) for Minecraft 1.19.2

Traveling around the world you can meet cultures: Normans, Hindi, Maya, Japanese, Byzantines. Each culture has its own differences, unique buildings and unique inhabitants. Millenaire mod is ideal for diversifying the game, because now it is possible to complete new tasks. The mod also works on a system of trading with residents, each culture has a unique auction, which brings even more variety to the gameplay.

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Villagers develop on their own, even without the help of the player. However, it is possible to help the villagers complete the construction of all the buildings in the village. Helping residents you improve your rating. By increasing the reputation, you can get some unique things in the village, such as your own plot of land and a house.

The main task in fashion is to get the status of a leader in the village. In this case, it becomes possible to establish your own settlement personally.

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Villages can not only be developed, but also start a war with them, after killing all the men in the settlement, the player will have access to all chests with valuable resources. But it is important to understand that if in vanilla Minecraft the villagers do not attack the player after his attack, then in the Millenaire mod, after killing one member of the village, all others will be aggressively set against you. Also, a war with one culture will affect relations with others.

All this is just a small part of all the possibilities that the Millenaire mod provides. With all other functions it is better to familiarize yourself. If you want to make the passage of Minecraft more interesting, then Millenaire mod is just what you need.


more villages Minecraft 1.19.2 Millenaire mod 1.19.2 Millenaire mod Minecraft 1.19.2

Download Link – millenaire-8.1.2