Maxwell the carryable cat in Minecraft 1.19.2

maxwell the carryable cat minecraft

Add to Minecraft the already incredibly famous Maxwell the carryable cat. Now this funny cat from TikTok will appear in your game.

Maxwell the carryable cat in Minecraft 1.19.2

This can happen thanks to a texture pack that really adds a cat and even a few options. You can, if you wish, put the cat on your shoulders, which looks incredibly meme. The player will have a rather oshbirny choice of pets, each of which is probably known to you from a video from a popular social network.

It’s time to get really positive emotions from the game and enjoy it on a new level. Discover access to unique cats. These textures work exactly on Minecraft 1.19.2 on other versions of the game have not been tested.


Minecraft Maxwell cat maxwell cat maxwell cat Minecraft

Download Link: gmcats