How to install Jenny Mod for Minecraft

how to install Jenny mod Minecraft

Jenny Mod is an incredibly popular mod for Minecraft that allows you to add a girlfriend to the game. You can have a good time with her by paying her for entertainment with diamonds, gold or emeralds.

How to install Jenny Mod for Minecraft

Let’s see what is so special about this modification and why many players like it. First of all, a special plus will be the opportunity to sleep with a girl and get interesting animations in return.

Jenny mod Minecraft

Jenny herself looks incredibly beautiful and has a pretty cool appearance. You have probably already seen the screenshots of this beautiful girl. The easiest way to install is this instruction:

  1. Download Jenny mod;
  2. Unzip the resulting archive into the mods folder. (You will also need the appropriate version of Forge, most likely 1.12.2);
  3. Start the game and select Jenny’s spawn egg.

Jenny Minecraft 1.12.2

This is the easiest way, but it doesn’t always work. In addition, this option is only available to owners of official Microsoft accounts for Minecraft. Let’s look at another option without using a license.

  1. Download and install TLauncher Minecraft;
  2. Install the required version of Forge;
  3. Install Jennie mod in the mods folder;
  4. Start the game and create a girl.

In general, now you will be able to use Jenny in the game. In the first version of the mod, another girl will also be added with whom you will not be able to interact in any way. In other versions of the mod, you can use Jenny Slime. There are a lot of options for this mod, so you can definitely find the option that you like. It’s time to use sex mods for Minecraft that will help you see something extremely interesting in the game.

Minecraft Jenny Mod how to install