Basic commands of players on a Minecraft server

Basic commands of players on a Minecraft server

This article contains basic commands on Minecraft servers. If you are a beginner player, then this article can be very helpful for you. Almost every player knows all these teams!

Basic commands of players on a Minecraft server

With the help of commands on the server, you can really make your game easier. Teleport, privatize your territory and take advantage of other opportunities using commands in the chat.

Server authorization
/ register [password] [password] ..or .. / reg [password] [password] – Registration on the server. It is entered at the first login to the server.

/ login [password] ..or .. / l [password] – Authorization. At every entrance.

/ changepassword [old password] [new password] – Change password.
Basic server commands

/ spawn – Teleport to the spawn point.

/ sethome – Save the home point.

/ home – Quick teleportation to the point of the house.

/ kit start – Get a starter kit.

/ kit – Get a list of kits.

Teleportation between players

/ tpa [player’s nickname] – Request for teleportation to the player.

/ tpaccept – Accept the teleportation request to you.

/ tpdeny – Reject the teleportation request to you.

/ tpahere – The player teleports to you – permission to teleport is required.
Other commands

/ list ..or .. / online – View the list of players on the server.

/ suicide ..or .. / kill – Kill yourself.

/ msg [to] [Message] ..or .. / m [to] [Message] – Send a private message to the player.

/ balance ..or .. / money – View your score in the game.

/ pay [Player nickname] [Amount] – Transfer money from your account to another player’s account.

Creation of rights for use in private

/ cprivate [Nicky friends with a space to access them] – Set protection on chests, doors, etc. If you specify the nicknames of your friends, they will be able to use them.

/ cpassword [password] – Set a password for chests, doors, etc.

/ cunlock – Open a password protected chest / door / dispenser / oven / hatch.

/ cpublic – Make the chest / door / dispenser / oven / hatch public. (Everyone can use, but only you can remove the protection).

/ cremove – Remove protection from a chest / door / dispenser / oven / hatch.

/ cmodify [Nicky friends separated by space] – Grant permission to use your chest / door / dispenser / stove / hatch for a friend.

Creation of a private, protection of the territory

// wand – Gives you a wooden ax to privatize the territory.

// expand [how much direction (you can just look in that direction)] – Increase / decrease the region.

/ region claim [REGION NAME] – Create a region.

/ region addowner [REGION NAME] [person name] – Add the owner of the zone.

/ region addmember [REGION NAME] [person’s name] – Add a land user.

/ region removeowner [REGION NAME] [person name] – Remove the owner of the zone.

/ region removemember [REGION NAME] [person name] – Remove the user from the zone.

/ region setparent [REGION NAME] – Set the parent region.

/ region delete [REGION NAME] – Delete your region.

/ region flag [REGION NAME] [FLAG] [allow | deny] – Setting flags on the territory.

These were all the basic commands that you will definitely need to play on servers. I hope this article will be very helpful to you.

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