Morph Addon Minecraft PE 1.17.30

Morph 1.17.30 MCPE

Morph is a useful mod for Minecraft PE that will allow you to turn into absolutely any mod in the game and gain its abilities. This is a really useful feature that you will definitely appreciate.

Morph Addon Minecraft PE 1.17.30

Among other things, this addon perfectly helps you to become even the Ender Dragon, which many players are so afraid of. In general, you can become any mob and get all its skills in the game world.

Morph into mobs Minecraft

For example, you can become a creeper and get the opportunity to explode, thereby causing damage to all enemies in the radius of the explosion. Or just become a horse and gallop incredibly fast around your world. There will be incredibly many options for who to become in Minecraft, and each player will be able to choose the mob he wants to become.

In addition to the appearance and skills of the mob, you also get the opportunity to be untouched by your relatives. Morph opens before you borders that were previously closed to many players. Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.17.30 easily supports this package, so download it and enjoy the game.


MCPE Morph Minecraft PE Morph

Download Link: Mob Morphing Addon