Fantasy Ores Addon 1.17.41

Fantasy Ores addon

The Fantasy Ores addon will add new ores, crafts and items to Minecraft PE 1.17.41 that will diversify the gameplay and open up new opportunities.

Fantasy Ores Addon Minecraft PE 1.17.41 (More ores)

From now on, a large number of ores will appear in the game in the amount of about 10. Each new ore can be found at different levels underground and from it it will be possible to create new items, weapons and armor.

fantasy ores

At the same time, the new sets of armor and weapons will look simply amazing and incredibly beautiful. Some of the armor sets look pretty aggressive and stylish, so you can probably really appreciate their looks.

From weapons in the game there will be new types of hammers, battle axes, scythes, new swords and much more. New tools such as picks and shovels will be added from the items. Now your world will be much more interesting to explore because underground you can find a huge amount of new ores that look cool. This addon diversifies the game and allows you to enjoy the game on a completely new level without any problems.


Fantasy Ores Minecraft PE Fantasy Ores Minecraft Pocket Edition Minecraft PE 1.17.40

Download Link: fantasy-ores-bpv2_5