Simple Airplane Mod Minecraft PE 1.17+

Simple Airplane MCPE

Stop walking and riding a horse in Minecraft Pocket Edition, because it’s time to use a simple plane that will allow you to fly. This addon will add an airplane to the game that can be crafted relatively cheaply.

Simple Airplane Mod Minecraft PE 1.17+

Many players want to have transport that will allow them to travel much faster around their own world and enjoy beautiful views. An airplane that can be crafted from iron can help you with this.

Airplane Minecraft Bedrock Edition

The new plane can be used to travel faster and at the same time view your world from a height. Many players will need a vehicle that allows not only to move quickly but also safely (there are no air enemies in Minecraft).

In order for your plane to fly, it does not need fuel or anything else. You just need to craft an airplane, set it on the ground and start flying. At the same time, the transport has a unique and elaborate animation of the rotation of the propeller. To control the plane, look in the direction you need to fly.


Simple Airplane Minecraft airplane craft airplane in Minecraft

Download Link: simple-airplane-r